Vapol VG

for cutting and stamping

Agrochemical lubricants                                               Drapeaux  


Higher efficiency


Vapol VG have excellent properties : a very strong polarity, greater viscosity than traditional evanescent and exceptional wetting and covering power enabling natural production of a lubricating film guarantee in elastohydrodynamic lubrification regime. Their excellent lubrication properties ensure sufficient sliding capacity when a mixed or limited lubrication regime is reached. Vapol VG help reduce friction coefficient in stamping and cutting without heavy addition, contrary to traditional evanescent.


Vapol VG improve overall fluid performance levels :

Extension of tool life-span
Increase in productivity
Improvement of the surface aspect of pieces


Vapol VG performance have been evaluated in comparison to non-sulphurous evanescent oils traditionally used in cutting and stamping up to 20/10th thickness on all metals and soluble oils using the REICHERT machine, to simulate extreme operating conditions well-correlated with the majority of metal work operations.



A : Commercial evanescent (with 20% fatty acid esters)
B : Commercial evanescent
      (with 20% polymer esters + 0.5% EP additive)
C : Commercial evanescent (with 30% fatty acid esters)
D : Evanescent (with 20% polyol esters + 1% EP additive)
E : Huile soluble d’emboutissage commerciale soufrée 
       (diluted at 10%)

(1) : Results are given in relative value compared to aliphatic solvent 63°C flash point to which we have assigned index 100.




No Toxicity


Vapol VG considerably improve hygiene conditions, particularly because they do not emit vapours at ambient temperature. They are not irritant, not sensitising and has very little drying effect on skin. They necessitate no specific medical monitoring measures and do not require inclusion in the chart of professional diseases. Moreover, their formulation do not contain any substances that are classified as explosive, oxidising, extremely flammable, highly flammable, carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic, toxic for reproduction, harmful, irritant, sensitising, corrosive or dangerous for the environment in compliance with the Decree of November 9 2004.



No risk of explosion


Contrary to the majority of solvent vectors for evanescent oil, Vapol VG are totally non-flammable and non-explosive. They are not concerned by ATEX zone classification, in compliance with the Decree of July 8 2003.



                     Free of COV



Compared to traditional evanescent oil, Vapol VG allow immediate clearance with regards to the Decree of May 29 2000 concerning VOC emissions. Their vapour pressure are lower than the limit fixed by European Directive 1999/13/CE concerning the reduction of Volatile Organic Compound emissions.



100 % biodegradable


Vapol VG are fully and rapidly biodegradable (according to OECD 301 B and OECD 302 C tests). Their use protect the environment and neighbouring populations in the event of accidental spillage. They require no authorisation for use from administrative authorities (Decree 2002-680).



                                                   More economical



Vapol VG are an alternative to evanescents based on raw materials of petroleum origin which are becoming increasingly expensive. Solvent vector is predominant in evanescent oils, only allowing distribution of the dry extract (additives) of oil bringing uniform performance to the metal surface.


Thanks to their controlled evaporation, Vapol VG enable more economical use. All oil is used during the operation.



Vapol VG significantly reduce consumption by significantly reducing the application quantity.

Vapol VG allow removals significantly lower than 1.5 g/m².



Typical physico-chemical properties



*These products are made using natural vegetable oil esters. A constant colour cannot therefore be specified since it may vary depending on the product ‘s source, production site and pre-harvest climate. A difference in colour, even a significant one, will not alter the product’s performance.







Precautions of use


Store under cover in a temperate environment before use. Carry out compatibility tests before using on sensitive materials and in the case of extensive contact with paint with little cross-linking.